keyoscacquire: Keysight oscilloscope acquire

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keyoscacquire is a Python package for acquiring traces from Keysight InfiniiVision oscilloscopes through a VISA interface.

Based on PyVISA, keyoscacquire provides programmes for acquiring and exporting traces to your choice of ASCII format files (default csv) or numpy npy, and a png of the trace plot. The package also provides an API for integration in other Python code.

By default, the package uses the binary WORD format for the waveform transfer from the oscilloscope, giving roughly an order of magnitude speed-up over the ASCII transfer type.

The code has been tested on Windows 7 and 10 with a Keysight DSO2024A model using a USB connection.

Building a local copy of the docs

Should you wish to build a local copy of the sphinx docs, make sure the necessary packages are installed:

pip install sphinx sphinx-prompt furo recommonmark

and then build by executing make html in the docs folder.


The project is licensed under the MIT license, see License.

Contribute/report issues

Please report any issues with the package with the issue tracker on Github.

Contributions are welcome via Github.

The package is written and maintained by Andreas Svela.